Manufacturing Infrastructure

HGS Products B.V. is a wholly owned subsidiary of HGS (India) Limited (HGSI) based in New Delhi, India and all products are sourced from HGSI’s two state of the art manufacturing facilities located just outside Delhi. 

HGSI began manufacturing geophysical equipment in 1988 in technical & financial collaboration with Geosource Inc USA through its wholly owned subsidiary Sensor Nederland.Between 2010 and 2013, Sensor Nederland/ION progressively shut its manufacturing operations in Jebel Ali (UAE), Beijing (China) and Voorschoten (the Netherlands) and shifted all operations to HGSI in India.Since 2011, HGSI has been manufacturing and supplying geophones and geophone strings to various clients of Sensor/ION all over the world and by the end of 2013 the manufacturing of the complete range of geophones was transferred over to HGSI. From January 2015, HGSI discontinued its manufacturing arrangement with Sensor/ION and launched its own range of HG-geophones whilst maintaining the same standards that customers are accustomed to receive as in the past.